Mistakes are inevitable when it comes to pens and paper, and markers, and paint. You get the picture. Here are 9 bullet journal mistakes you should be aware of and a few tips to avoid them.



The best advice I can give you when it comes to bullet journaling is to have fun, and make it work for you..not the other way around.




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Not starting 

You’ve been watching YouTube videos, Instagram stalking, and following on Pinterest. Why not start, girl (or boy)? What do you have to lose? You may not want to start because you don’t know where to begin. Who cares! You’re gonna make mistakes, you’re gonna draw something you don’t like, and you’re going to make color schemes that you can’t stand to look at.

Truth is you’re gonna get better and feel more comfortable over time, so it’s better to just start now.

If you’re just getting started check out Bullet Journal 101- How to get started right HERE.



Forgetting that it’s a tool, not an artbook

You’ve probably seen all the beautiful artwork for bullet journals lately, and truth is that can feel intimidating.

You shouldn’t think that a bullet journal is something to put beautiful artwork in. It’s a tool to track the things that are important to you and keep you more organized. Think of the artwork like a painting on an empty wall, it’s pretty but it isn’t necessary.



Choosing a crappy bullet journal

Using a bullet journal that isn’t functional is a terrible way to get started. Start with a journal that offers at least 80 GSM paper (preferably a higher). My daughter is 8 and she LOVES to bullet journal with me. She found a cute looking bullet journal that she was dying to get… it sucks. It’s probably 50 GSM, it doesn’t lay flat, it doesn’t have a back pocket or even a bookmark ribbon.

I would recommend Scribbles that Matter for your bullet journaling experience or the Lemome Bullet journal, you can find my full review HERE.


Using cheap pens and markers

I used the cheapest markers I could find at Walmart when I first began to bullet journal, they looked AWFUL. I thought that my bullet journal days were over before they even began, I thought my 8 year old could draw better than me, and I cried. No, not really but it did suck.

If you don’t have enough money in your budget I would recommend starting with a good bullet journal, a quality pen, and a few quality markers if you want to spice it up. I would recommend the Tombow Dual brush pens, you can find them HERE.



Not Keeping up with it

If you’re not going to keep up with your bullet journal, then don’t start one. I know it sounds very blunt but it’s the truth.

You’ll be wasting your time by starting a bullet journal, planning layouts, and coming up with ideas if you aren’t going to use it. You may just be one of those people that don’t keep up with planners or journals and that’s ok. Stick with your iPhone calendar.



Creating more pages than you want to keep up with

In the beginning, I would just stick with a few of the basic pages. A key, monthly calendar, a weekly calendar, and maybe a few more that you want to keep up with. Don’t create 50 different pages to keep up with 50 different things. You won’t keep up with it.

A tip I would recommend is starting with a few pages and if you keep up with those then add one more each month and go from there.



Not planning your pages

I would recommend sitting down and thinking of the pages you want to include in your bullet journal before you begin. You don’t want to add something later on and ruin the flow of your journal or forget something that you could have really used in your journal.



Overplanning your pages

You’ve probably come across a few page ideas that inspired you that’s great and all but don’t over plan your pages, just go with the flow. You don’t have to put every single doodle you seen on someone else’s layout. Make it your own. Yes plan your pages but don’t ever plan every design and doodle. You’ll never get started or you’ll begin to feel overwhelmed.



Turning it into a JOB

Make your bullet journal work for you, don’t make it another thing to add to your to-do list. It should be rewarding and help you become more organized. If it begins to feel like a job, eliminate some of the pages you keep up with and keep it simple.



Do you know of any bullet journal mistakes? I’d love to know and maybe add them to this list! Thanks for stopping by and feel free to stay for a bit or subscribe for the latest updates (you can do that above).


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9 Bullet Journal Mistakes