I’m Marie!

I wish I could meet you in real life but for now, this will have to do.



While I’m only in my 20’s I wear a lot of hats. I’m a wife, mother of two, a full-time business student, and whatever else I’m elected to be on a given day.


While I LOVE each of my titles/hats that I mentioned above I often found myself overwhelmed. Each day felt like the same ol‘ song and dance my life was beginning to feel very… unremarkable. As time passed I found myself more and more behind on my responsibilities, giving up on goals, and my dreams.  Instead of putting one foot in front of the other and getting sh** done I just gave up. I wasted time on social media, envying others that “had it together”, and then eventually giving up on myself.



The people I love most in my life were being impacted by my own struggles, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I wanted to be a positive role model to my kids, and a wife that took care of responsibilities so my husband didn’t have to.

I knew I needed to plan my day in advance.  I could no longer just wake up in the morning and go with the flow. I didn’t get anything done like this.




    I tried planning out my days with my trusty yearly planner from Target. I bought a planner EVERY year and used it for the first month or two. I knew I needed a better way to plan and keep track of my responsibilities.

    After trying numerous planners, desk calendars, dry erase boards I felt like giving up. A few weeks later I was on Pinterest and came across something called, “Bullet Journaling”. Initially, I thought it was the DUMBEST thing I’d ever seen (Let all the bullet journal lovers scream here).

    Initially, it seemed like such a waste of time. Why would I want to spend my precious, unorganized time on something just to plan in? I could do that in my regular Target planner (ya, the one I haven’t used in 6 months). Naturally, I gave this whole “bullet journaling” thing no thought… I completely dismissed it.

    Every time I logged onto Pinterest or Instagram I saw another Bullet Journal, after blowing it off I eventually started researching this whole bullet journal thing. FINALLY, I bought a bullet journal on Amazon. What did I have to lose after all? I had already tried everything else.



    Once I got my bullet journal I felt completely LOST. Where do I start? What if I mess up? What should I track? What supplies do I need?

    So I turned to the internet world to find answers.

    I didn’t find all of my answers in one place, I went to site after site finding conflicting information. Most of them just wanted me to track what movies I should watch next, and to sell me every marker introduced to mankind.

    After tons of research, it hit me. 

    There is NO RIGHT WAY to bullet journal. 

    After seeing everyone else’s ideas, and looking into the Bullet Journal Method I started on MY journal.


    I’m gonna be honest here, I messed up my first bullet journal. When I made my first bullet journal page (a key) I hated it. I didn’t look like the ones you see on Instagram and Pinterest. It looked like my 2 years old created it. 

    I got over it. I turned the page and tried again and again until I got the result I WANTED. 

    Eventually I got another bullet journal and I knew how I wanted the layout, the theme, and what I needed. Before I even put the pen to the paper I planned. On a regular sheet of paper I wrote what I needed and wanted in my bullet journal. 

    After making my plan I started with a pencil. If I didn’t like something I could simply erase it and start over. 



    bullet journal misconceptions 

    • You have to be an artist.
    • You need to spend hundreds of dollars on supplies.
    • The only way to bullet journal is by using dotted paper.
    • You HAVE to have an actual bullet journal to get started.
    • You have to be creative. (Everyone is creative… you just have to find some inspiration)
    • You have to use markers, highlighters, pens, and watercolors. 
    • You have to track every aspect of your life.
    • You have to be super organized. 
    • Only women bullet journal. 



    When I started with my bullet journal I told myself to start small and keep it simple. I had to find what worked best for me and my schedule. Eventually, I noticed that the things I would plan and write down would get done. It became easier to manage my life and stay on track.

    “Creating a bullet journal was NOT my goal, I wanted to use my bullet journal as a tool to achieve my goals”.


    I’m not saying that something as simple as a bullet journal will change your life. I’m also not saying that bullet journaling works for everyone.

    What I’m trying to say is that with a little planning and organization you can accomplish more than you ever thought possible. You can have a more fulfilling life and feel more confident in yourself.

    What do you have to lose? Anyone can bullet journal. You don’t even need any special supplies, use what you already have. If you’ve already tried bullet journaling and it wasn’t for you that’s okay too. You can still find tips on productivity, organization or even use the printables. 

    I created Gotta Dot for people like me and those that aren’t. No matter what chapter you’re in you can always find ways to improve. If I can make changes in my life for the better I’m 100 % confident you can too.

    You’re not alone! I want this to be a supportive community you turn to for inspiration and advice. 

    Thanks for stopping by and reading ALL OF THIS (thank you to those who just skipped to the bottom of this page too).  

    Let’s Get Started