When I think of April, I think of flowers, more specifically sunflowers. This is the first flower theme I’ve incorporated into a monthly spread, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. My April bullet journal is filled with sunflowers, bold colors, and 6 pages to inspire your April spread this month.

Here’s the thing about sunflowers, you can keep them simple or add tons of detail, and they still look good. So, don’t overthink this month’s theme… just relax and have fun.


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April Bullet Journal Plan with Me 2019 with a sunflower theme.



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Inspiration: The inspiration for the month of April was “April Flowers.” I think sunflowers represent spring, so to kick off this new season, I decided those golden yellow flowers should do the trick!

The theme for the Month: Sunflowers (scientific name: Helianthus)

Pages included for the April monthly spread:

  • Cover page
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Weekly Calendar
  • Monthly Goals
  • Study Tracker
  • Monthly Savings (Goal)




April 2019 Cover Page | Plan with Me


The monthly cover is all about this month’s theme, sunflowers. I decided to make these golden beauties the star of the show! To do this, I kept the lettering simple but elegant. I do wish my lettering was a little better on this page, but hey, I’m a work in progress.
Do you create a cover page for each month? If so, do you use one page or two?




April 2019 | Plan with Me


The monthly calendar, also known as the monthly log, spread, or page…. I’m sure there are a ton more names for this page out there, but let’s just stick with these ones.

This monthly log (and every other page for the month) incorporates the same sunflowers seen on the cover page. Every monthly collection I create has pages that match each other or share elements with one another. I like this because I can flip to any page in my bullet journal, and that theme or feature will tell me precisely what month I’m in. You can do it this way, or make every page different… it’s entirely up to you.

I wanted to go with a minimalistic look for this calendar but still keep the sunflower theme.

Oops… I wasn’t paying attention and made extra boxes after the last day of the month. I usually cover these mistakes up with washi tape, but I thought I’d keep it real and show you that I make mistakes too.


Weekly Calendar for bullet journals.Weekly Calendar for bullet journals.


Out of all the pages in my bullet journal, I use the weekly calendar most often.

I write in actual appointment times, locations, and names. I like to keep these pages super minimalistic, so I have more room to write.

As much as I like this weekly layout, I don’t like that there are 8 days shown vs. 7 days. Since I’m not totally used to this layout, it kind of threw me off a bit.
Instead of adding sunflowers to this page, I just kept the color scheme going.



Monthly Goals for Bullet Journal


Bullet Journal or not, everyone should set monthly goals.

Before you set monthly goals, you should know what your long term goals are.
This way, you can align these monthly goals to get you on the path towards the future.

For this page, I created multiple tables, add one to each table, or multiple.
Create categories…. or don’t. Again, I kept this page simple and just using the golden yellow as an accent color.



Bullet Journal Study Tracker


If you’re a student, this is the perfect page for you!

It’s simple to use, and you can see your progress on a visual scale.

Simply find the day of the month on the left side, then highlight a line matching up with the top number.
This top number represents how many hours you studied that day.

If you’re NOT a student, you can replace studying with hours slept or ounces of water.



Monthly Savings goals


Keep track of your monthly savings by setting a goal. A visual representation is an easy way to know how close or far you are to your goal.

Color in the jar as you begin reaching your goal throughout the month. At the end of the month, your jar should be colored up to the 100% mark.




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That’s it for my monthly bullet journal setup. I hope you found some inspiration, ideas, or motivation.

Want even more theme ideas? Check out my complete list with tons of ideas for each month! Good on themes for your bujo? Unleash your inner bullet journalist and take your journal to the next level with these supplies.




Check out the YouTube Video for this month’s bullet journal!


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