July is flying by which means it’s time to plan our August Bullet Journal! For some of you, August means back to school, and for others, it’s just another month. Whatever this month means to you, let’s start it off on the right foot.


My spread for the August bujo is now a personal favorite. I first began planning what pages I wanted to use, and then I decided on my theme. The bullet journal theme this month, music.


For this spread, I decided to use more hand lettering this month. In previous months I’ve kept it pretty simple… but I’ve been practicing. 🙂


August Bullet Journal Video | Plan with ME 2019


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The pages I added to my August Bullet journal include:

  • Cover Page
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Weekly Calendar
  • Brain Dump
  • Habit Tracker
  • Audible Playlist
  • Music Playlist



So far my 2019 bullet journal going great! Perfect? Of course not! We all make mistakes or forget to use our journal from time to time so don’t beat yourself up. I didn’t even create a blog post for a few of my monthly setups but I just moved on. As far as mistakes go, I swear I always manage to mess up my monthly or weekly spreads! I always pre-plan and somehow manage to misnumber or not use enough spacing. In fact, I once created a monthly calendar with 8 days per month…ya that was cute.

Ok, end of rant! Go ahead and check out this month’s journal setup.



Bullet journal August edition:



August Bullet Journal for 2019



This is the first month that I used two pages for my monthly cover page. I really like the way it turned out!


Originally, I was just going to do the mini calendar and the microphone but it looked to plain. I added a quote…


Life is a song… sing it.


and tied the two pages together with music notes and staves (staff).


I realize that some people may not want to attempt drawing the microphone portion of this cover page. I was honestly a little intimidated in the beginning. After practicing it a couple of times I felt like I could do it.

 A good alternative to the microphone would be a large music note, piano keys, or a cassette tape. To be honest, the microphone looks more intimidating than it actually is. Once I practiced drawing it a few times it was pretty simple.


August Bullet Journal for 2019 - Monthly Calendar


The calendar for this month was simple, yet functional.


I knew I wanted to use the music theme going throughout the whole month. I did this by changing up a few of the elements from page to page and using my original color from the cover page.


I added a few music notes around the month and added piano keys to the side of the page. The size and layout are the perfect sizes for me.



weekly calendar



My weekly calendar (log)  this month is simple with the same color scheme for each page.


If you want to recreate this weekly spread I highly recommend that you separate the days with lines. Over time, this spread started looking very cluttered and it was hard to pinpoint information for a given day.

Out of all my weekly spreads, this one is probably my least favorite. As you may know by now, I always pre-plan my pages but for some reason, I didn’t plan this one out too much. I do however like the color scheme.


Bullet Journal Inspiration for the month of August


Not much going on here. It’s a simple “brain dump” page for keeping up with ideas, thoughts, and more.

I like to keep my brain dump pages pretty simple, this way I have more space to write.

I’ve been working on my hand lettering! I’d say it’s gotten a lot better over the past couple of months! I really want to try lettering with watercolors, so keep an eye out for that experiment.



Bullet Journal Habit Tracker.


For my habit tracker, I decided to keep up with 6 habits for the month. If you don’t want to keep up with this many habits just start with two or four. If habit trackers aren’t for you, consider changing this to a mood tracker, or eliminating it altogether.



Playlist for your bullet journal.


I’ve been listening to Audible a lot lately. Mostly because I keep forgetting to cancel my monthly membership.  Here I’m going to write the 3 books I want to read/listen to for the month.



Music Playlist for your bullet journal.


What’s a music theme without a playlist? If you’re a music lover this is perfect for you! You can see how your music tastes change by the month by listing your favorite songs, or list songs/albums you’d like to listen to for that month.




Here are a few more August bullet journal ideas to consider:

  • Mood Tracker
  • Goals
  • Budget
  • Books to Read
  • Wish List




Looking for a more simplistic bullet journal setup? Checkout my minimal spread.






Bullet Journal: SEQES (160 GSM)


Stencil: 20 PCS STENCIL SET (for circles, and triangles)

Markers: TOMBOW DUAL BRUSH PENS (light pink #761)

Highlighter: ZEBRA MILDLINER (Grey)

Brush Pens: PENTEL SIGN TOUCH PEN (pink, black, and gray)

White Gel Pen: UNI-BALL SIGNO UM-151

Ruler: WESTCOTT 6-INCH PLASTIC RULER (all line work)



Mechanical Pencil: (0.5MM) PENTEL GRAPHGEAR 500 (all pre-planning outlines)





That wraps up my bullet journal layout for August. Remember, bullet journaling doesn’t have to be intimidating. If you make a mistake just keep it moving and learn from your mistakes. Be sure to check out the rest of my 2019 bullet journal setups, and keep an eye out for new ones.




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JULY 2019 BULLET JOURNAL | PLAN WITH ME using a pastel theme for the month.



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