The Bullet Journal Brain dump page is often overlooked, and I don’t get it. You can write anything on this page! Thoughts, ideas, notes, or whatever else you want. Write a lot of notes? Spread your Brain Dump page across two pages.


Keep your Brain Dump page simple or incorporate your monthly theme. It’s completely up to you. If your handwriting is big I recommend making the “brain dump” wording smaller so you have more room to write.


I always suggest planning out your bullet journal pages, with the exception of this page. There isn’t much to plan.



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Watercolor Brain Dump


This brain dump page was part of my September spread. For this month I wanted to do a fall theme without the typical leaves or pumpkins. I decided on a fall color scheme using watercolors.

After the watercolors dried completely I went back over the watercolors using my Pentel brush pen and accenting it with a black fineliner. After the lettering was done I went back and added some white dots on top of the watercolor for a little more contrast.


You can see the full September Bullet Journal Setup and video HERE.


Supplies for this page:

Bullet Journal: SEQES (160 GSM)

Watercolors: GANSAI TAMBI
(Colors: #32, #33, #43, #44)

Waterbrush Pens: PENTEL AQUASH


Brush Pens: PENTEL SIGN TOUCH PEN (pink and black)

White Gel Pen: UNI-BALL SIGNO UM-151



Bullet Journal Brain Dump

Minimalistic Brain Dump

There isn’t too much to say about this one. It’s simple, easy to create, and it doesn’t take up too much space on the page. If you’re low on time this is a great option.


Looking for more information on what to write on your brain dump page? Here are a few to get you started:

  • New Ideas
  • Quick Notes
  • Journal entries (quick entries) you can later transfer these entries if you want.
  • Prayers (or prayer list)
  • Quick to-do list
  • Phone Number
  • Addresses
  • Appointments


You can see the full Minimalist Bullet Journal Setup HERE.


Supplies for this page:

Bullet Journal: MINIMALISM ART


Pink Lettering Brain Dump

I used the Pentel brush pen (again) for my lettering on this page. Instead of using black I went with pink for the month of August.


Don’t feel confident in your lettering skills? Practice and practice some more on a regular sheet of paper. Once you feel confident, start lettering in your bullet journal. I still do this from time to time… especially with letters that give me issues.


You can see the full August Bullet Journal Setup HERE.


Supplies for this page:




Bullet Journal Brain Dum

Pastel Brain Dump

Pastel colors are my favorite for summer. I kept the wording simple and accented it with color. Consider writing a small quote, or important reminder at the bottom of your brain dump page…unless, you write a ton on your brain dump page or have large handwriting, don’t.


You can see the full July Bullet Journal Setup HERE.


Supplies for this page:

Bullet Journal: SEQES (160 GSM)

FinelinersPIGMA MICRONS (0.5 + 0.8) (used to outline text, create lines, and months/days/numbers)

Markers: TOMBOW DUAL BRUSH PENS (pastel colors)




October – Halloween Brain Dump

The theme for my October brain dump page was Halloween. I used a lot of green and purple throughout the whole monthly spread. The green border was done with watercolors (all supplies listed below).

Check out the full October Bullet Journal Setup HERE.



Supplies for this page:

Bullet Journal: JARBO DOTTED JOURNAL (120 GSM)



Orange Accent Color (Brush Pens): TOMBOW DUAL BRUSH PENS 



Floral Brain Dump Page

Floral/Fall – Brain Dump

This brain dump page came from my November Setup. As always, it’s another simple page with a few elements I used throughout my monthly spread. This page doesn’t look as “fall-ish” as the other pages for the November spread but I still like the way it turnout out.



There you have it, I hope you found new ideas and inspiration for your next brain dump page. Be sure to save this page and check back for updates!


Looking for more inspiration when it comes to your layouts/spreads? Check out my Bullet Journal Cover pages.


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