After scouring the internet, I found a lot of questions when it comes to Bullet Journaling. So, I figured I would dedicate a full page to Bullet Journal for Beginners’ faqs.


Just like so many others out there when I first started bullet journaling, I had so many questions. Find answers to the most common questions below, and more. 


Remember, when it comes to bullet journaling, you can’t do it WRONG. Have fun with it, make it into a habit, and increase your productivity.

Bullet Journal Frequently Asked Questions


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Bullet Journal for Beginners FAQS


Do I NEED a Specific type of Journal?

No, however…

You can “Bullet Journal” on any type of paper or any journal you’d like.

If you’re not using a traditional bullet journal though you likely won’t have dot grid paper. you see in traditional bullet journals as a reference to keep your lines and shapes more consistent but you can still use the lines (on lined paper) as a guide. Also, note that with the traditional lined paper you may run into issues with your markers and pens bleeding through the pages. If you want to try bullet journaling before purchasing an actual bullet journal, I would recommend using a regular spiral notebook. After you get the hang of it and think it’s something you’ll stick to, buy a regular bullet journal.



What is GSM?

Grams per Square Meter. All in all, it’s the overall weight of the paper. If it’s too thin your ink will bleed through to the pages behind (or multiple pages) or heavily ghost. To give you an idea of GSM, most of the time printer paper is right around 80 GSM. If you use a sharpie on this paper it will bleed through to the other sheet of paper behind it (depending on pressure and ink color). A standard marker will most likely just ghost (you can faintly see the ink on the back of the page). 

What is the GSM in bullet journals? It varies here’s a few for reference:

80GSM – Leuchtturm1917

120GSM –  Lemome, Minimalism Art, Sulirun 

160GSM – SEQES, Scribbles that Matter (Pro and Iconic Version), and Archer and Olive


Can you Bullet Journal on Blank Paper?


This is the harder route to go because you won’t have dots or lines for reference. *Note: You can use a ruler to keep your shapes and lines consistent, however, this is a little more time-consuming. You can use any type of paper to bullet journal with, it’s really just personal preference. 

I like to use the dotted journal because I can easily create my doodles, shapes, and lines with the dots as a reference. I also like to choose journals that offer great paper quality to avoid bleeding. 



Can a Bullet Journal be a Diary? 


That’s the beautiful thing about Bullet Journaling you can literally do anything you want with it. It can be used as just a diary, or you can have a page(s) dedicated to being a diary. *Note: If you tend to write in your diary a lot and use a lot of pages I would recommend keeping your diary separate from your Bullet Journal.



What kind of pages can I put in a bullet journal?

Any page you want! Literally, it’s your journal so make it your own. You can add your personal thoughts and feelings, track moods, habits, water intake, exercise, and much much more.

Here’s a few more ideas to get you started:

  • Table of Contents
  • Monthly logs
  • Daily logs
  • Future logs

Want more pages in your bullet journal? Check out 30+ Page Ideas for your Bullet Journal. 



Should I use more than one Bullet Journal?

This is personal preference. I do use more than one bullet journal. I like to keep a dedicated bullet journal for my blog/youtube, an everyday bullet journal, and another for bullet journal ideas.






What’s the Best Bullet Journal for Beginners?

This really depends on what you like and more!

If you want thick paper (160gsm), a preprinted index, key, and pen page. I would go with Scribbles that MatterPro or Iconic version.

Want something that still offers thick paper without all the preprinted pages? I would recommend Archer and Olive or SEQES.

Want something that offers quality on a budget? Check out the Lemome Bullet Journal 



What size is a Bullet Journal?


An A5 bullet journal is a medium-size journal with pages that are about 5.75 x 8.25 (give or take a little bit). This is the most common bullet journal size. However, from time to time you will come across smaller or larger sized journals.







Why use a bullet journal?

Using a Bullet Journal is a great way to keep up with all things in your life. Customize it to fit your needs and meet your goals. In addition to traditional monthly calendars, and weekly calendars you can also include habit trackers, goals, and much much more.

You can check out all of my page ideas right HERE for inspiration.



When to Bullet Journal?

You can really Bullet Journal at any time. I wouldn’t recommend using it 10 times a day, which takes away from your productivity during the day. It’s counter-intuitive to stay organized and look at your bullet journal all day. I bullet journal 1-2 times daily. Find the best time of the day that works best for you and stick to that.




What is the best way to organize my Bullet Journal?

Things can get a little tricky when it comes to organizing your bullet journal. The best way to stay organized is by not creating multiple months in advance. The longer you use your bullet journal you’ll find the best way to keep it organized. Personally, I put all of my yearly pages in the front (when I first setup my new bullet journal). If I want to create random pages in the middle of my month I usually just create it in the back of the journal.




When should I start a Bullet Journal?

Whenever you want.

I would recommend starting fresh for a new month. If it’s the middle of May go ahead and set up your bullet journal beginning with June. 




What is a Bullet Journal index?

A bullet journal index is just like any index you would find in a book. You can log all of your pages in the front of the bullet journal on your index page. Some bullet journals have designated/pre-printed index pages and with other bullet journals, you’ll have to create your own. Keep in mind that it’s easier to utilize an index if your pages are already numbered for you. Numbering each page is soooo time-consuming.

While the Lemome Bullet Journal is one of my favorites it does NOT have a designated index page OR numbered pages. If you’re looking for that I would go with the Scribbles that Matter Bullet journal or the Minimalism Art.



What are the best Bullet Journal Supplies?

Where do I begin? Here’s a quick list of my favorite supplies:

Lemome Bullet Journal

Tombow Dual Brush Pens

Crayola Supertips

Fudenosuke Brush Pens

You can read about all of the supplies I recommend HERE


What pages should I add in my Bullet Journal?

Like any journal out there, you can literally put anything you want in your bullet journal. Here are a few popular pages to consider adding to your bullet journal (if you’re new to bullet journaling I would recommend reading START A BULLET JOURNAL):

  • Calendars to keep up with your events, tasks, and appointments.
  • Entertainments pages to keep up with movies and shows you want to watch.
  • Trackers, track habits and moods.

Want more page ideas? Check out 30+ Bullet Journal Page Ideas for your Bullet Journal.


Do guys Bullet Journal?


Anyone can Bullet Journal. In fact, my 8-year-old daughter loves to journal with me.



Can I Bullet Journal for Mental Health?


You can write down your thoughts, prayers and more. You can also create mood trackers, gratitude journals, or just write down your everyday thoughts. 



How do I Bullet Journal on an iPad?


I love to use Procreate to make spreads with my Apple Pencil. It’s also great for correcting mistakes and making changes. 



Where can I get/buy a Bullet Journal?

I’ve seen the Moleskin Bullet Journals available at Target. However, I do not recommend those bullet journals (they are very overpriced for the quality). Depending on where you live you may be able to find a specialty store that sells Bullet Journals. Ultimately, I would recommend using Amazon. I also buy most of my supplies from there as well. 




Have any further questions about bullet journaling? You can contact me at ([email protected]).

Looking for some page ideas for your bullet journal? Here are a few to get you started! GOALS, CALENDAR IDEAS, AND BULLET JOURNAL HABIT TRACKER.



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