When you first begin a bullet journal chances are you’re looking all over the internet for “bullet journal page ideas”. Hey, that was me too! Before I knew it I had tons of ideas and inspiration. Then I felt overwhelmed with all of these ideas… I didn’t know where to start.


My best advice is to start with the basic pages. Start with calendars/logs, cover pages, and a few of the options below. Once you’re feeling confident you can begin adding a new page or two each month. Before you know it you’ll be a pro, friends will be asking you to create their bullet journal pages for them.


When it comes to bullet journals remember that it’s a tool, not an art book or sketchbook. By all means, go crazy and decorate it. AFTER you learn the basics… I’m just saying that don’t let the “prettiness” become a distraction from the functionality. If you’re new to bullet journaling be sure to check out Bullet Journal 101 – Getting Started.





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monthly bullet journal layout

Monthly Calendar/Log


Everything is centered around your monthly calendar (at least thats the case for me). It’s a great way to visually see what you have planned for the month. Even though it’s just a simple calendar you can incorporate so much into this page. Most of the time I have leftover space after creating the actual calendar. You can leave it blank or add in some other elements that you think would be useful like a mini to-do list, or a notes section.

Here’s more on monthly calendars to get you started:

Bullet Journal Monthly Calendars


Weekly Bullet Journal Calendar/Log.

Weekly Calendar


Your weekly calendar gives you much room to write compared to your monthly calendar. I typically write my detailed notes regarding an appointment or event on this calendar, and a brief time and location pertaining to that event appointment or event on the monthly calendar.  


Find more information and examples on weekly calendars HERE.




Bullet Journal Habit Tracker. Bullet Journal Habit Tracker.

Habit Tracker


Whatever habit you’re trying to track you can dedicate a whole page to just that. Create fun designs to make it more interesting.


Want more ideas when it comes to habit trackers?





Emergency Numbers 


This is a great way to keep all of your emergency numbers and contacts in one place. I know a lot of people put this information in their phone but what happens if it gets lost or stolen? You’ll have a backup in your BUJO. 



Here are a few numbers to consider putting in your bullet journal:
  • Doctors and Dentists (for the whole family)
  • Family
  • Local Hospital, Fire Department, and Police Department
  • Work Numbers
  • Schools/Daycares
  • Vet
  • Babysitters
  • Banks
  • Landlord
  • Plumbers



Weight Loss Tracker


If you have a weight loss goal that you’re trying to achieve you can create a page for just that. I think the best way to track it is by using a weekly graph to visually see your progress. Remember to write your goal on each tracker you create when it comes to weight loss.

Visually seeing your weight loss and goal weight on the same page can help motivate you to keep going. 




Birthday Page for your bullet journal



Keep up with family and friends birthdays with this fun tracker. It’s one of my favorites to create! Consider changing it up and use other elements related to birthdays to make it your own. 


 BIrthday Page Ideas:
  • Cupcakes
  • Gifts
  • Balloons
  • Ice cream Cones




Passwords are important to keep up with. I always fear I’ll lose my passwords along with my phone one day. If I ever do lose my phone I can refer back to my bullet journal.

*Keep in mind that if you do ever lose your bullet journal someone could potentially access all of your online accounts. I suggest not filling in the whole password, just write enough so that you can remember the rest. If this isn’t your cup of tea, use a password app or some other method that you feel comfortable with.


Monthly Goals for Bullet Journal



Writing your goals is the first step in achieving them. When you write them down I believe they become official. Refer back to your goals when you’re feeling down or unmotivated.

 Be sure to include goals by category or just long term/short term goals. 



Books Lists

Book list’s are perfect for all you bookworms out there. You can create a page dedicated to all the books you want to read that month (or year). If you don’t want to  plan out the books you’re going to read in advance you could make a book log instead. At the end of the month (or any other time frame) you’ll see how many books you read. 




Keep track of your chores in your bullet journal. Set aside certain days of the week for certain duties you want to get done. For example, laundry on Tuesdays and Thursdays, clean bathrooms on Monday, or clean laundry room on Wednesdays. 




Small Look Ahead Calendar

Look Ahead Calendar

I like to use one or two pages at the beginning of my bullet journal (after the index and/or key) to create small calendars for each month of the year. It’s a great day to see what day of the week upcoming holidays and birthdays falls on. When it comes to calendars, especially small calendars I like to keep them simple.


Want more calendar ideas? Check out these Simple Bullet Journal Calendars.



Bullet Journal Budget Page



Bills and budgets are probably the most important thing to keep up with. Write down your upcoming bills and monthly budgets to stay organized. If you have another method for budgeting and expses you can create a savings page instead. 



Exercise Tracker

Tracking your exercise is a great way to track your workout progress. You can write down each workout you did and for how long. You can also keep it super simple and just put a check mark for that day.




Keep your most important addresses in your bullet journal, another great idea in case you lose or break your phone.



Movie Lists

How often have you seen a movie trailer and think, “oh, I would really like to see that”. Then you forget about it. Start a page in your bullet journal for just that!



sleep log

Sleep Tracker

Are you getting enough sleep? Track your sleep to make sure you are getting enough zzz’s to keep you going all day long.



If you have particular routines that you’d like to keep track of you can keep them written down in your bullet journal. This is good for babysitters and also housekeepers.


Food/Water Log

If you’re on a diet and looking to keep up with the foods you eat throughout the day this is a good place to do that. If you use your bullet journal daily you’ll easily be able to flip a page a jot down your daily food and water consumption. This is good for everyone, even if you aren’t on diet.. especially when it comes to water. 

Are you drinking enough water? I know I’m not! The makeup of your body is composed of mostly water! That’s why it’s so important to replenish.

According to WebMD:

In general, you should try to drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh, every day.” For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, that would be 75 to 150 ounces of water a day…






 Kids Activites

When the kids are “bored” you can refer back to your bullet journal.



Write down your errands for the month (week or day) in order to stay on top of them and more organized.


Meal Planning

Keep up with your meal planning by writing down your weekly breakfast, lunches, and dinners. This way you can change them up a little each week and refer back to what you liked and didn’t like. I know writing in your bullet journal is more permanent but you can use sticky notes to move things around. 


Grocery List

Writing your grocery list is a good idea if it’s relatively the same for each trip you make.


Bullet Journal Brain Dump

Brain Dump 

Out of all of these bullet journal pages ideas, this one has to be my favorite and most used.

Write down your random thoughts, ideas, prayers and more in this area. It’s like a mini diary. This brain dump page came from my August Bullet Journal Setup. It was one of my favorites because it’s so simple and leaves tons of space to write. 


Spending Log

Keep your spending log around the same area you would keep your bills and budget tracker. You can write your daily spending to see if you’re overspending or doing just right.


Daily Tasks

If you have a lot of tasks that you like to routinely complete in one day I would recommend making a page dedicated to that.



Write down your favorite podcasts and ones you’re interested in listening to.


Hourly Schedule

This page is perfect for the person that has a lot of appointments and tasks to get done within a certain time frame. The hourly layout gives you a better view of your daily schedule.


Debt Tracker

Tracking your debt is the best way of managing it. Knowing where you stand and how you’re going to address it is the key to success.


Period Tracker

Some women like to keep up with their periods, especially if they’re having irregular periods.


Mood Tracker

Track your moods! With a mood tracker in your bullet journal you can create any image you want. Have different colors represent a different mood, at the end of the month your image should be completely colored. 


Social Media Tracker

If you’re trying to grow any of your social media platforms you can keep up with your stats in your bullet journal.




Savings Tracker

Keep up with your savings on a dedicated page.



Positive Affirmations

If you’re ever feeling down, anxious, or afraid you can refer back to your positive affirmations page.




There you have it. Over 30 bullet journal page ideas to spark some inspiration. I wouldn’t recommend using every page idea I’ve listed. Just use the ones you find the most beneficial to you and your lifestyle.


Be sure to check back for bullet journal page ideas UPDATES!

In the mean time, check out a couple of my most popular bullet journal monthly spreads! August and June.


I’ll be adding new ideas and pictures as they come. Thanks for stopping by!

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