At the beginning of my bullet journaling journey, my biggest dilemma was, “what bullet journal should I get?” I knew I didn’t want to spend a ton of money but I still wanted something that offered quality.

After reading review after review I decided on the Lemome Bullet Journal. Initially, the price caught my attention and then the positive reviews.


Check out the complete Lemome bullet journal review below to help make your decision easier. You’ll find the features, pen test, alternatives, and more.


Lemome Bullet Journal Review


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This bullet journal is a good option for beginners, and/or someone looking to save a few bucks. 


Number of Pages: 96 sheets/192 pages

Paper Color: 3– Lemome offers a bullet journal in black (the one I have) brown, and a cork material. *specs may vary by color option.

GSM: 120 (Acid-Free)

Size: Standard A5 (5.7″ X 8.4″)

Color Options: There are currently 8 colors in the pro version of the scribbles (however, I’ve seen a lot of colors come and go). With the pro version of scribbles that matter bullet journals there are no designs on the cover. 

Lay Flat: Yes

Shipping Price: Free with Amazon Prime

Index: No

Numbered Pages: No

Cover Material: Faux Leather




Pen Loop: Yes

BookMark: 1 Ribbon Bookmarks

Elastic Closure: Yes

Back Pocket: Yes




Price/Value: $15 or under (prices subject to change)

Bleeding/Ghosting: Keep reading to see how the Lemome Bullet journal did on the Pen Test.

Cover Quality/Material: I personally like the cover of this journal. The faux leather material seems durable and easy to clean. 

# Dot Grid: 28 X 40 (Dot spacing is 5mm)



  • Price
  • The cover feels durable.
  • Even at the budget-friendly price point you still get some great features like; ribbon bookmark, back pocket, and a pen holder. (I have more expensive bullet journals that don’t offer some of these features).
  • Lays Flat


  • The color of the paper seems to be inconsistent (or has just been updated since I purchased mine). Either way, I wish that they notated the color of the paper somewhere in the description.
  • Some people have had issues with the spine breaking after a short period of time. I have not personally experienced this but I think it’s an important thing to note.
  • Another issue I came across (not personally) is that the dots may not be perfectly aligned.
  • Lack of color options.  





Lemome Bullet Journal Pen Test Plus-Using different supplies. Full Review



The pen test is a great way to see what pens, markers, and other mediums bleed through your paper. The last thing you want to do is create a whole spread just to find it bleed through to the other side. I also like to use a pen test to determine how well the paper holds up and how it compares to my other bullet journals.


I try to keep things consistent for all of my reviews so I use the same pens, markers, and watercolors for each pen test. I try to use two of each medium to show a result for two different colors. (with the exception of some pens) For each test I use the following:



PIGMA MICRON (Black 05 and 08)

SHARPIE (Dual Tip – Black)

STABILO POINT 88 (88/46 and 88/51)



PILOT G2 (Black and Purple)

STAEDTLER (Black and Brown)


STABILO BOSS (Touch of Turquoise and Lilac Haze)

ZEBRA MILDLINER (Dark Gray and Summer Green)

CRAYOLA SUPERTIPS (Dark Green and Purple)




DERWENT INKTENSE COLORED PENCILS (Deep Indigo 1100 and Violet 0800)

KURETAKE GANSAI TAMBI (No. 66 Prussian Blue and No. 38 Imperial Violet)








The paper held up pretty good! Only a few of the medium ghosted or bled through. I was pretty impressed, to be honest!


Lemome Bullet Journal Pen Test



Ghosting was only an issue when it came to watercolors, as expected. It seemed to be worse with the Derwent Inktense Watercolor Pencils compared to the traditional watercolors by Kuretake. I used a Pentel Aquash Water Brush to lay down the color and blend it out. Results may vary depending on the amount of water and color you apply to the paper. 



The only significant area of bleeding was with the Sharpie (the standard tip). Again, this was to be expected. There was also a little bit of bleeding with the Stabilo Boss highlighter in the color “Touch of Turquoise”. I really like these highlighters but they are known for leaving a heavy area of ink when first laying down the highlighter and picking it up.



Lemome Bullet Journal Alternatives

I have all three of the bullet journals below. After using all three I can break down the similarities and give my overall opinion of each.


Minimalism Art

I’m using this bullet journal now (not much longer though, almost filled). I really like the cover and the durability. However, I don’t like that the dots are not aligned throughout the journal. If you buy this journal keep that in mind when planning your spreads and making your lines.



  • Similar in price.
  • Back Pocket
  • Has a ribbon bookmark (2 to be exact – Lemome has 1)
  • Elastic Closure
  • Faux Leather Cover
  • *Both have had issues with the alignment of the dot grid.
  • 5 mm dot grid spacing.
  • Lay’s flat



  • Minimalism Art does not have a pen holder.
  • Has a built-in index page.
  • Numbered Pages
  • Ivory pages vs cream (depending on the Lemome bullet journal – some have white and some have cream)
  • Minimalism Art has 234 pages and Lemome has 192.
  • Comes in more color options (also a few patterns, like this one HERE).

Scribbles that Matter

If you’re new to bullet journaling this is the journal I would recommend. It’s great because it has a lot of built-in features (check that out below in the “Differences” section). You can get the A5 Scribbles that Matter in two different models. The “Pro” version and the “Iconic” version. The difference between the two is the cover (Pro has a solid color and Iconic has the doodles on the front cover).



  • Back Pocket.
  • Has a ribbon bookmark (2 to be exact – Lemome has 1).
  • Elastic Closure.
  • 5 mm dot grid spacing.
  • Lay’s flat.



  • Price (Scribbles that Matter costs more).
  • Paper thickness. Scribbles that matter has been upgraded to 160 GSM while Lemome has 120 GSM.
  • Has lots of built-in features that Lemome doesn’t such as; key page, index, and pen test page.
  • Numbered Pages.
  • Comes in a large variety of colors. 
  • White pages vs cream (depending on the Lemome bullet journal – some have white and some have cream).
  • Number of pages. Lemome:192  Scribbles that Matter: 160.


Leuchttrum 1917

A popular journal in the bullet journaling community, although far from my favorite. The paper is only 80 GSM and I personally like my bullet journals to have at least 120 GSM. This is a good journal for those who prefer basic mediums like pens and pencil.



  • Back Pocket.
  • Has a ribbon bookmark (2 to be exact – Lemome has 1).
  • Elastic Closure. 
  • 5 mm dot grid spacing.
  • Lay’s flat.



  • Number of pages: Lemome:192 Leuchttrum 1917: 249.
  • Paper thickness. Leuchttrum 1917 has been upgraded to 80 GSM while Lemome has 120 GSM.
  • Perforated Pages (8 pages).
  • Numbered Pages.





Final Verdict

I really like the Lemome Bullet Journal. Is it the best on the market? No. But, that’s subjective and I don’t think that there’s ONE perfect bullet journal out there that ticks all of my boxes. With anything, there’s things I like and things I don’t. Don’t write off this journal completely due to some of the reviews out there, I read those exact reviews before I made this purchase and I don’t regret it. Remember, you’re not going to get a high-end bullet journal for a budget-friendly price (sometimes you won’t even get a high-end journal at a high-end price).

Would I buy another Lemome Bullet Journal? Yes. 

Perfect for:

  • Someone on a budget.
  • Those that aren’t a stickler for perfection.
  • Those who aren’t picky about paper color.





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What is your favorite bullet journal? Why do you like it? I’d love to know more about it, I’m always up to discovering new bullet journals and supplies.



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