This month I’ve done things a little different, the March Bullet Journal setup was set up using printables from the Gotta Dot Shop.


What does this mean for you? Instead of grabbing all of those bullet journal supplies and spending hours on your spread, you can print, cut, and paste. DONE. Since spring is in the air I’m sure most of you expected a flower theme, nope. This month I went with a sweet theme, donuts. 


After finally finishing the course work/classes for my bachelor’s, I had some time to work on the shop! There, you’ll find freebies and monthly spreads to purchase.


March 2020 Bullet Journal


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Pages for the March bullet journal setup include:

  • 3 March Cover Pages
  • 3 March Monthly Calendars
  • Weekly Calendar
  • Bright Ideas
  • General Notes
  • Habit Tracker
  • Savings Tracker
  • Important Dates
  • March Goals


The best part of this month’s spread is you can read and print the downloadable pages. You don’t have to gather all of your supplies and try recreating it… I’ve already taken care of the whole planning process.



Bullet Journal March 2020 edition

Instead of posting each page included in the March Bullet Journal, for example, all three cover pages and monthly calendars, I’ll add my personal favorites here.

 Bullet Journal Cover Page 1 (Donuts in pink and blue with March in icing font)

March 2020 Bullet journal cover page



 Bullet Journal Cover Page 2 (Pink donuts and blue donuts with March framed)


Donut March 2020 Bullet journal cover page

The cover pages this month are fun, bright, and unique. Of course, the donut theme has been done in the bullet journal community, but what idea hasn’t? I can’t think of many.

With 3 covers to choose from this month, you can select your favorite or a different one in each journal. You can also separate different pages throughout the month using these covers.


Monthly Calendar 1

Monthly Calendar 1


These monthly calendars obviously tie right into the donut theme. For the March lettering, I went for an “icing” look to match the donuts and then added a few sprinkles. As you see, this monthly calendar has a dedicated “to-do” and “notes” area for more productivity.




Monthly Goals/Savings Tracker

March Goals and Savings Goals Printable

The March goals page is full of frosting. Each of these icing filled mason jars represents a space for a different goal. The savings tracker is also a mason jar, you can use this one for any month since I left the month off of this page. Write your goal on each line, and once you reach that goal, fill the jar to that achieved amount.





Important Dates

Important Dates Printbale


Write your important dates on this dedicated page. Check off the box when you’re done with the task/event for a specific date. You’ll also find a small monthly calendar at the bottom right of this page.





Habit Tracker/Bright Ideas

Habit tracker and Ideas Page for your bullet journal, binder, A5 note books or full size notebooks.


This month’s habit tracker is a little different; you’ll see four circles on the bottom left of this page. You can write your desired habits there to track. In the center of each donut, you can write a different number for each day of the month.

If you achieve that goal, simply color the icing to match that specific habit color. Be sure to leave room for the remaining habits within the icing; in the end, each donut should have multiple icing colors.

The bright ideas page is one of my personal favorites, you can write in your ideas for any month you want. You can also write notes, dates, goals, or anything else you choose.



In the March 2020 Printables bundle, you’ll also find 1 additional cover page, 2 additional monthly calendars, a weekly calendar, and a general notes page. Be sure to sign up for VIP ACCESS to save 15% on your purchase and all future purchases.

For this March Spread, you’ll receive both half-size pages and full-size pages to use. If you plan on using these in your bullet journal, be sure to use the half-size pages by printing on an 8.5 X 11 sheet of paper and cutting in half.

I hope you liked this month’s bullet journal theme! If you have theme suggestions, I’d love to know!




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